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Parrot Driver Training Ltd.

Connexin have recently supplied our company (Parrot Driver Training Ltd) with broadband and a bespoke telecoms system.

The telecoms system is superb and cost us a fraction of what it would have cost if we'd have used Kingston Communications. The call quality is crystal clear and the in-call functions that have been made available to us have revolutionised the way our company operates.

We work in a very competative market and as such we depend on a reliable, speedy and effecient service so that our business can function correctly.  Connexin offer speed, reliability and efficiency as standard.

The customer service is also second to none. Should you have any technical issues or questions the staff are very polite, helpful and responsive.

I would have no hesitation recommending Connexin and its services to anyone.

Duncan Garwell 

Parrot Driver Training Ltd.

Hull Collegiate School
Understandably all the excitement was around the installation of our first Connexin wireless network. From a management point of view it’s the Connexin routers that have given us the biggest benefit in terms of infrastructure and cost savings moving forward. Connexin devices have been installed in each distribution cabinet to manage the traffic on the network taking the workload off the switches. The installation of the Connexin technology has already paid for itself through the savings we’ve made in data cabling and switch upgrades. Both the Connexin wireless solution and the Connexin Core routers have proved to be 100% reliable in their first year and I would have no hesitation to using Connexin hardware again in the future.

Brad Ashton

IT Manager
princes quay logo
Princes Quay Shopping Centre
A WiFi decision was made because of the direct need of social media engagement with shoppers. Connexin came in and they offered the best service, the best download speeds with the best data capture and analytics. There was minimal disruption – the engineers worked out of hours with radio contact with security. We now have some of the fastest hotspots in Hull and we now get a full data spread of the shopping centre, bearing in mind its over 6 levels, that’s 320,000 sq ft, it’s quite a complex site

Claire Suggitt

Centre Manager
Goodwin Development Trust
Connexin were chosen to provide Goodwin Development Trust with a new, multi-site, flexible, VoiP telephone system to simplify communication within the organisation. From planning through to deployment, Connexin staff have worked in partnership with the Trust to ensure that all needs were met and the transfer to Connexin systems progressed as smoothly as possible. Over 100 handsets have been installed allowing for seamless communication across sites spread throughout Hull, reducing the number of different systems requiring maintenance as well as allowing a more flexible approach to the handsets deployed in specific areas. Connexin have provided a robust, cost-effective VoiP solution that meets all of the Trust’s needs as well as providing a few additional features that were not expected at this time – while still reducing costs and increasing functionality.

Russell Greenwood

IT Manager